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Our hotel wishes to provide a valid contribution to help understand the real situation that is occurring in our region and in particular in the city of Trieste.


At present there is no real risk of contagion in our region and in particular in the city of Trieste related to the COVID 19 problem.


The measures adopted by our Regional Council are preventive in nature and refer to sporadic episodes of positive test cases with asymptomatic situations.


So the actions implemented by our regional and municipal institutions have been adequate and the situation is completely under control.


There are no issues related to the news that these days appear in the media about the involvement of our region in the context of the virus infected.


In order to better monitor the situation and until 8 March 2020, it was decided to close the schools, but only for a pure precaution so as to be able to provide adequate protection to all citizens of Friuli Venezia Giulia and to those who visit the our region.


Museums, tourist and cultural attractions are all open.


The updated situation in our region can be consulted at:


For more information, however, you can contact our booking office at +39 040 9776064 which will be able to provide you with further information.